Price List



B D Security Services Price List 


Description  Model  Installed Price 
Smokecloak System Easy 600 210m3 in 30 sec  600 £1.095.00
Smokecloak System Easy 1100 402m3 in 30 sec  1100 £1,1495.00  
Smokecloak System Easy 2200 764m3 in 30 sec 2200 £1,895.00  
IPX 25 Warehouse System 1600m3 in 60 sec IPX25 £2,995.00
Smokecloak DNA Additive DNA £225.00
Servicing starting from (includes Fluid and Batteries) SERVICE  £175.00  
IPA125 audio protection  IPA117 £175.00
IPL3000 strobe light protection  IPL3000 £550.00  
Voice Module  Voice Mod  £180.00 
Smokecloak Fluid 000 series  FL600/1  £32.00
Smokecloak Fluid Vali series FL600/1.7  £55.00 
Smokecloak Fluid IPX Series FL600/9.5 £162.00  
Batteries 2 x 2.1Ah for 000 series  Bat 2.1  £30.00
Batteries 2 x 1.2Ah for Vali series  Bat 1.2  £17.00
Smokecloak Isolation Unit  ISO  £95.00
Smokecloak Isolation Key Switch  ISO  £22.00  
Smokecloak repairs starting from Repair £175.00


Please contact B D Security Services for a free no obligation quotation. Prices are as a guide only and will be subject to VAT. A 13amp fused spur is required for each Smokecloak or strobe unit.