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SMOKECLOAK INSTALLER SPECIALIST... “If you can’t see, you can’t steal!!”

At BD Security Services of Louth, we Install and maintain all equipment relating to the security of both commercial and domestic premises.   Allow us, then,  to introduce you to the outstanding attractions of Smokecloak -we never cease to recommend it to clients throughout the UK as one of the most effective - and cost effective -deterrents to crime that we have come across!

Working on the basis that, if the criminal can’t see it, he won’t be able to steal it...Smokecloak quickly fills the area, large or small, with a dense fog created by vaporising a specially formulated Glycol solution and thus reducing visibility to nil!  Once the emergency has been dealt with, the ‘fog’ disperses without any damage to stock, office equipment, furnishings, fabrics or personnel.

Imagine, under ‘normal’ circumstances, the criminal using those precious few minutes - following a break-in and after the alarm has been activated to steal as much as possible and create untold damage to your premises during the process before the emergency services even arrive.  Quite simply, with Smokecloak, the intruder/s cannot see to do anything at all other than to retreat from the building and disappear quickly – empty handed! 

Is extremely straightforward and cost effective. 
Is manufactured in various sizes to suit premises, large and small.
Units are fully automated and triggered by the alarm itself being activated.
Is easily integrated into any existing electronic security system via its microprocessor controlled electronics.
Benefits your premises as the result of attractive, modern design and may reduce your insurance.
Confuses and overwhelms the intruder immediately.
Is adaptable as the system can be used in both large premises and vehicles used fortransit of valuable items.

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